A music video that captures the elegant, escalating riot of humans seeking to violently consummate with, and ultimately be completely owned by, BASS.  This video was inspired by a specific bass song, but ultimately would be shot as a base collection of story visuals for VJs to remix and drop during facemelting bass drops at massive concerts.  Or, purchased as the visuals for a specific track about bass that can levitate people.    Shot in high speed with a mixed bag of young-ish people who would look good with their clothes off.

Working screenplay

We open on a single man sitting on a chair in a dark room lit from above, facing a massive sentient subwoofer.

Feels Like

  • an aroused uproar
  • an orgasmic bloodbath
  • ecstastic chaos
  • Sexual and Ridiculous

nasty bass face


You’re at a front row at a concert, your face is vibrating like it’s about to melt off, different parts of your body are going DDDRRRRRRRRR-R-R-R-RR  and you can’t even yell at your friends because your vocal chords and teeth are chattering and then the bass drops and you climax with a nasty face


Trampoline Athletes/ tricksters + Phantom Miro at 1500 fps.


sound cannon

dust explosion / Shockwave

slow motion

The Sentient Nemesis

Sound / vortex cannons






In these references, I call out the qualities from each work that I would like to absorb into our video.  Feelings to stir into our cauldron.

Reference 1 – Woodkid – Iron

  • Beautifully shot and photographically composed
  • black and white to draw focus to the beauty in simplicity and also forgoes having to be explicit about the environment


Reference 2 – Metal on Metal – Bastard

  • Single sustained and escalating tension that erupts in a primal orgasmic release
  • Kinda fucked up, but that’s what makes it awesome



Script / Ideas

  • Single guy sitting in chair dramatically facing a single sentient subwoofer gets blown over in slow motion
  • More people running towards the speaker, faces contorted in primal rage, also get blown back in slow motion
  • Even more people run towards the speaker, and their clothes get shredded in slow motion
  • The soundwave compressions are so palpable that they congeal in midair, turning into jizz and hitting the half naked manic crowd still writhing and desperately seeking it, close up shots
  • It is revealed that the entire room is encircled in subwoofers, they all turn on, with a light indicating their ready for action, a shockwave appears with time remapping and everyone levitates.  You see a cat floating up