A music video that captures the elegant, escalating riot of humans seeking to violently consummate with, and ultimately be completely owned by, BASS.  This video was inspired by a specific bass song, but ultimately would be shot as a base collection of story visuals for VJs to remix and drop during facemelting bass drops at massive concerts.  Or, purchased as the visuals for a specific track about bass that can levitate people.    Shot in high speed with a mixed bag of young-ish people who would look good with their clothes off.

Working screenplay

We open on a single man sitting on a chair in a dark room lit from above, facing a massive sentient subwoofer.  Like an interrogation, or two fighters in a ring, the harsh dramatic lighting focusing on the two opposing parties

mvb_frame1 mvb_frame2


The Bass

A “sentient” nemesis with a clear, ominous and potent presence, clearly a work of cutting edge power-engineering, probably about a story tall

Details of the close up shot should indicate the scale of the sub.  It’s not just a regular sized speaker.  Maybe add some lights to indicate sentience.


It has the power to wreck you

Refs: sound cannons, vortex cannons


And in beautiful slow motion, round 1 begins with a shockwave rippling across our subject’s face, distorting and warping his face


And our dude gets blown back over his chair in slow motion

Round 2

A few more people start running towards the sub in an angry, passionate frenzy

Like front row kids at a concert getting their faces melted off


They also get owned, because the bass is too much for them, and their faces also get distorted and they get blown back in mid-air

The situation escalates, as the next round pits a larger crowd running chaotically towards the camera, and their clothes get shredded while their faces are getting distorted.

Escalation reference:

Single sustained and escalating tension that erupts in a primal orgasmic release


An element of ridiculous sexual-ness is now introduced as people with distorted faces are writhing nonsensically towards the sub

  • an aroused uproar
  • an orgasmic bloodbath
  • ecstastic chaos
  • Sexual and Ridiculous

The Climax

The dark perimeter of the room lights up to reveal that the walls are actually surrounded by more than one speaker. So all that time being owned, was just from one sub.

They all go on at the same time and BOOOOOOM SHOCKWAVE



Soundwaves can actually already levitate things so…

The dust on the ground can be used as a canvas for some cool patterns to accentuate the shockwave

And we can throw in a levitating cat



And in the end…

Camera pulls back and you get a glimpse that this was all part of an experiment, testing out new technology.  Just a hint.  It’s dark and powerful, but you can’t necessarily tell if it’s good or bad.





Script / Ideas

  • Single guy sitting in chair dramatically facing a single sentient subwoofer gets blown over in slow motion
  • More people running towards the speaker, faces contorted in primal rage, also get blown back in slow motion
  • Even more people run towards the speaker, and their clothes get shredded in slow motion
  • The soundwave compressions are so palpable that they congeal in midair, turning into jizz and hitting the half naked manic crowd still writhing and desperately seeking it, close up shots
  • It is revealed that the entire room is encircled in subwoofers, they all turn on, with a light indicating their ready for action, a shockwave appears with time remapping and everyone levitates.  You see a cat floating up