a folk-y , simple tune with voice and guitar

that sings about “Dead food, we got, dead food

and it’s a happy sounding melody

and the visuals are a mix of time-lapse and vfx

about how the soil is getting depleted

and the nutrients aren’t being soaked up into the veggies we eat

but the veggie sare getting bigger

and we are eating empty matter

and getting bigger

and the tumors inside us

are growing bigger

so it’s a seires of images that are timelapsed

but also overlaid

all the while happily singing about

dead food

we got, dead food

it’s to inject an idea about what nutrients are

what food is

and show fossil fuel injections of energy

into pesticdies

into beating down the soil

into transporting all our food

food is nutrients

but we are so removed from that concept

it’s like samsara where connected imagery tells a story

remember that one sequence about factory farming

and massive consumerism

and obesity

and surgery to remove fat and stuff

“correlation is not causation, but

correlation makes for conversation”

  • pesticides
  • artificially inflated product
  • nutrient and topsoil loss
  • monsanto
  • fossil fuel injection for suppressing unnatural patterns in nature
  • fossil fuel injection for pesticides
  • runoff
  • poison in our food
  • eating gray food
  • food becoming bigger
  • people becoming bigger
  • tumors becoming bigger


Use a simple song overlaid on top of a sequence of images, a lot of them timelapsed, some VFX overlays indicating

  • depleting nutrients/ lifeforce
  • depleting lifeforce and fossil fuel injections of food traveling long distances
  • depleting soil health
  • increasing pesticides